May 30, 2024

What Programming Language Should I Learn First?

If you’re beginning a path to a career in software engineering, you may be asking yourself “which coding language should I learn first”? Look no further, here’s our guide to the top four recommended programming languages.

When contemplating learning to code, selecting the right starting point can be challenging. A simple Google search of "what programming language should I learn first?" yields numerous possibilities, leaving you pondering which is most suitable for your personal or career aspirations.

The truth is, the ideal choice depends on various factors.

The primary determinant of your starting language is what you aim to accomplish with this newfound skill. Are you targeting a particular job role? Are you interested in developing mobile apps or designing websites? Perhaps you're simply eager to acquire a new skill. Your objectives will guide you towards the most appropriate starting point.

Finding the best programming language for your goals

When selecting your first programming language, you have two primary approaches. You can either start from a specific objective, such as aspiring to become a Front-End Developer or aiming to create a Fruit Ninja spoof app. Alternatively, you can opt for one of the industry's most sought-after languages that align with your interests.

Top Programming Languages to Consider:


C++ stands out as one of the most influential and versatile programming languages available. It finds application in developing operating systems, video games, web browsers, and other resource-intensive applications across various industries. If you're intrigued by cutting-edge fields like robotics, virtual reality, or game development, learning C++ could be an excellent starting point.


JavaScript is renowned for its role in crafting interactive and visually appealing web pages. As the backbone of most web browsers, JavaScript is essential for front-end development enthusiasts. Delving into JavaScript opens doors to creating dynamic user interfaces and engaging web experiences.


Ruby serves as a dynamic back-end language, notably utilized within the Ruby on Rails (Rails) framework. However, Rails is just one of its applications. Many tech giants, including Twitter, GitHub, and Airbnb, rely on Ruby for its flexibility and robustness. It's predominantly employed for constructing the back-end of web applications but extends its utility to server development and data processing.


Python earns its reputation as a "general-purpose language" due to its exceptional versatility. From website development to software creation, process automation, and data analysis, Python excels in diverse programming realms. Its simplicity and effectiveness make it a top choice for beginners and seasoned developers alike.

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