Game Design

Create your own video games and launch a career in game design.

Design, build and launch your game design career

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of game design with our range of game design courses taught by world-class game designers.

Whether you're a beginner looking for short courses or an advanced learner seeking industry programs or accredited degrees, we have the perfect study option tailored to your skill level and goals. From creating your own game from scratch to launching your first title to market, we have you covered.

Our specialized game design courses provide a personalized education experience that will equip you with the skills and knowledge you need to excel, all taught by experienced artists who have honed their craft at renowned studios like Blizzard, Ubisoft, Epic Games and EA.

Bletchley Institute, powered by CG Spectrum, is an Unreal Engine Authorized Training Center and Unreal Academic Partner working closely with Epic Games to provide high-quality education with experienced mentors and industry best practices used in major studios.

Game design courses to get you career-ready

This complete study pathway will prepare you for a career in game design in 1 year. You'll discover what it takes to make an addictive game and build your own with Unreal Engine to add to your portfolio.

Game Design Essentials - 3 Months - Beginner 

Find out what makes for an addicting game, starting with game mechanics and systems, genres, level design, and world-building. Expect a mix of theory, paper design, concepting, and hands-on activities.

Game Design Foundations - 9 Months - Intermediate  

Uncover what makes a video game compelling and build foundations in designing game systems. Gain confidence in navigating industry-used software, including Unreal Engine and Photoshop, and explore essential game workflows.

Why study at Bletchley Institute, powered by CG Spectrum 

Get a more hands-on education with mentorship from top film and game experts, an industry-approved curriculum and a thriving creative community cheering you on.

By giving you access to the most talented artists in the industry, we help you to become well-connected, trained, and prepared for life beyond school.

What you get when studying at Bletchley Institute, powered by CG Spectrum:

  • Personalized job-focused training & career services
  • Private 1-on-1 or small group classes
  • Weekly live call with your mentor + recorded video critiques
  • Supportive and active community of peers, alumni, and mentors
  • Flexible schedules and 100% online, study from anywhere!

As an online school with students and mentors in 90+ countries, we're proud to bring the industry to you – wherever you are in the world!

Learn directly from AAA game design professionals

Master your skill set while getting expert feedback and support from your industry mentor in a live Q&A call each week. All of our game design mentors have years of experience working on AAA video games at major studios.

Possible Career Paths

Create your own video games and launch a career in game design.

System Designer

Average Salary:

A system designer is the creator of the software systems that will power a video game. They are brought in early in the development process to analyze the scope and design of the game to set up the platforms that will bring the game to life.

Level Designer

Average Salary:

Level Design, a specialization of game design, focuses on the creation and practical implementation of levels, environments, stories, and quests while considering flow, pace, and space. A Level Designer also creates each level's entry and exit points and guides the player logically through the game via its rules, rewards, and objectives.

Game Designer

Average Salary:

Game Designers focus on the function of a game, creating systems, rules, and gameplay, and help with world-building (story and IP) to ensure it’s playable, fun, and engaging.

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